Serverless computing and function creation at the edge

Create Functions at the Edge

Akamai has deployed JavaScript engines across our platform, creating the most broadly distributed, low-latency edge computing platform available. With EdgeWorkers, developers can quickly create functions and deploy them across Akamai’s globally distributed platform.


EdgeWorkers enables developers to create their own services using JavaScript and deploy them across our platform. Deploying code at the edge brings data, insights, and decision-making closer to the users and systems that act upon them. Akamai provides a reliable and scalable implementation model so that data and computation are not hampered by latency issues that can have a negative impact on digital experiences. By enabling EdgeWorkers, development teams expand their ability to build services and manage Akamai as part of their digital infrastructure.

Fast time to production

EdgeWorkers lets developers just code — integrating into existing CI/CD workflows and enabling multiple teams to work in parallel using JavaScript. EdgeWorkers eliminates the hassle of managing compute resources and building for scale.


EdgeWorkers empowers developers to control their Akamai Ion and Dynamic Site Accelerator instances as code. This means users can deploy A/B testing, content personalization, and new microservices at the edge without burdening resources at origin.

Exceptional performance

Chrome V8 engines deployed on the Akamai Edge network of more than 280,000 servers around the globe to provide end users with a consistent, low-latency experience.

Security for your scripts

All scripts deployed on the edge are safeguarded against unwanted usage by Akamai’s security protections.

Additional Resources

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