Create functions at the edge on the largest distributed serverless network
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Serverless Computing at The Edge

EdgeWorkers enables developers to create and deploy microservices across more than a quarter of a million edge servers deployed around the globe. When development teams activate code at the edge, they push data, insights, and logic closer to their end users. Akamai’s high-performance and scalable implementation model ensures that data and computation are not hampered by latency issues that can negatively impact digital experiences. With EdgeWorkers, development teams can create innovative services and manage Akamai as code as part of their digital infrastructure.

Innovation at the Edge

With EdgeWorkers, what you can imagine is what you can build. We’ve engineered EdgeWorkers to allow development teams to freely build logic that improves customer experiences. You can re-route traffic, dynamically assemble content, and more – all within your existing toolsets and workflows. Moreover, all scripts deployed on the edge are safeguarded against unwanted usage by Akamai’s security protections.

Improved Time to Market

Agile development teams want to create and modify end users’ digital experiences as code. With EdgeWorkers, developers can manage their Akamai platform and deliver new experiences in JavaScript – without learning proprietary languages – while deploying logic across our global serverless compute network.

Logic Execution Nearest to End Users

When an EdgeWorker script is created, it is proliferated across the world’s largest distributed network – the Akamai Edge. The result is that your logic and functions are deployed and active at the nearest proximity to your end users.

Decreased Overhead at Origin

EdgeWorkers helps your organization achieve high performance, customer-focused experiences without creating new challenges to your internal infrastructure or increased traffic at origin. With EdgeWorkers, your development teams can focus on building while letting Akamai take care of the challenges of scaling globally.

EdgeWorkers Use Cases

EdgeWorkers provides a variety of use cases including creating new microservices, manipulating requests and responses, and managing Akamai-as-code.


There could be a wide variety of use cases for EdgeWorkers and we certainly don’t think we can capture all of them here. Click the link below to see some of our use cases in action.

Use Case Demos

Why EdgeWorkers?

Closest proximity to your consumers

The Largest Distributed Serverless Compute Network

With JavaScript engines deployed across our global network, EdgeWorkers lets you create and deploy functions as a service closest to your consumers.

Just code

Just Code

EdgeWorkers utilizes Chrome v8 JavaScript engines to give development teams the ability to code directly at the edge without needing to learn proprietary syntax. EdgeWorkers removes the need for developers to account for scaling and integrates into existing CI/CD workflows easily.

Tools you need

The Tools and Visibility Developers Need

Akamai provides the tools, documentation, and reports that customers need to quickly and successfully deploy EdgeWorkers. With sandbox testing, bug-proofing, and performance reports, our toolset supports developers throughout their processes.

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