Akamai Functions

Build edge apps faster by combining your code with pre-packaged functions on the Akamai platform.
Function as a service

Function as a service

Function as a service (FaaS) provides a platform that allows you to build modular applications. We created pre-packaged functions so you can build faster - all without having to manage any underlying infrastructure.

Build apps closer to users

Write your own functions or use our pre-packaged functions. Akamai allows you to bring your applications closer to your end users and deploy business logic at the edge to improve performance and offload the origin.

Shorten time to market

Agile development teams want to quickly create and modify end users’ digital experiences. Akamai allows you to rapidly iterate on functions running at the edge in JavaScript – without learning proprietary languages.

Get started quickly

Get started fast by leveraging our growing library of code samples or incorporating our pre-packaged functions into your application stack where you don't want to develop and maintain the code.

How it works

Write your own functions or use our pre-packaged functions to manage your Akamai solutions. 

Function-as-a-Service platform


What you can do


Build your own functions

EdgeWorkers utilizes Chrome V8 JavaScript engines to give development teams the ability to code directly at the edge without needing to learn proprietary languages. This improves scalability and makes it easy to integrate into your existing CI/CD workflows.

Pre-packaged functions

Akamai pre-packaged functions

Akamai provides pre-packaged capabilities that eliminate the need to write and maintain your own code. This allows you to focus on providing the best digital experience.

Partner pre-packaged Functions

Partner pre-packaged functions

You can easily extend Akamai capabilities by incorporating functions from our partners into your application stack. Just load their JS modules onto our serverless compute platform and run them. 

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