Application Load Balancer

Optimize performance and availability with fast, reliable global server load balancing.

Akamai Application Load Balancer (ALB) is designed to assist developers and admins who need to solve hybrid/multi-cloud application delivery and traffic management challenges. Here are four key capabilities that help you get there:

Layer 3 routing

ALB leverages the power of Akamai’s Global Traffic Management technology to make Layer 3 DNS routing decisions (see layers 1-7 of the OSI model here).

Layer 7 routing

ALB also delivers Layer 7 routing capabilities that give you more granular control to route traffic based on HTTP attributes such as cookie value, URL path, or query string.

Session affinity

ALB’s session affinity capability binds users to the selected origin during normal runtime operation to support uninterrupted experiences.

Instant failover

ALB’s instant failover functionality automatically routes user sessions to backup origins at the edge, maintaining continuous application availability when unexpected outages occur.

How it works

The secret to ALB’s power is Akamai’s intelligent edge platform, our highly distributed content delivery network (CDN) with approximately 239,000 edge servers in 139 countries around the world. That means with a simple API call or click of a button, your custom load-balancing logic will seamlessly execute on Akamai edge servers all across the globe to deliver superior performance, unmatched reliability, and spectacular digital experiences to your end users.

The diagram below visually depicts how Application Load Balancer works. It begins when ALB/Akamai edge servers receive a visitor’s request for your site. If that request meets the match criteria for your Application Load Balancer policy, an Akamai edge server routes the request to the appropriate data center using a combination of Layer 7 routing, load balancing, and session affinity. If there’s an unexpected outage, the instant failover functionality routes the traffic to a backup data center and ensures a seamless, uninterrupted user experience.

ALB diagram

Use cases

To see common use cases and a how-to discussion, watch this video (the ALB portion starts at the 7:54 mark):

Get started with ALB

Check out the handy step-by-step guide to begin using Application Load Balancer today.

Additional resources

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