Akamai NetStorage is a managed product that provides petabytes of storage space in our data centers all over the world. It features:

  • Performance — No matter where you and your users are, Akamai probably has a data center close by, with abundant processing power and fast and reliable connectivity.

  • Availability — Your content is always available online 24x7.

  • Redundancy — Your content not only is safe from hardware failures within one data center, but it is also replicated and stored in multiple data centers in different geographic locations, able to survive natural disaster, terrorist attack, or other incidents.

  • Scalability — Your content can grow with your business, with expanded user base, from hundreds of GB to a few PB, and the Akamai NetStorage network (as part of the Akamai Intelligent Platform™) can grow seamlessly to handle your increasing needs.

  • Security — Your content is shielded from virus, malware, and unauthorized access, as well as tampering from the Internet.

  • Manageability — We provide various tools to make it very easy to manage your content.

Akamai NetStorage upload process

How do you improve your upload performance? If you are under pressure to publish some critical content for users before a certain deadline, there are several things that can be done to facilitate that.

  • First, select the best upload method that integrates well with your content publishing process. For content ingest, in addition to the plain old FTP, we support several popular secure upload methods, such as scp, sftp, rsync over ssh. Upload via http is also supported.
  • Second, cut down network latency. Regardless where you publish from, chances are there is an Akamai data center close to you. By working with your Akamai account support team, Akamai can provision your content to a data center that’s close to you.
  • Third, you can properly partition your upload job, and open multiple parallel upload connections, to increase your aggregated throughput. Once your content is uploaded, it’s replicated quickly to another geographic location, and readily available from another part of the world.

Akamai NetStorage download process

NetStorage can serve as the origin for your content. It leverages the vast deployment of our edge overlay network, into thousands of other networks globally. Whether your users are in China, India, or Israel, they are likely to receive good performance by connecting to Akamai edge servers nearby. If a piece of content is cached, the request will be served by the edge server. On a cache miss, the edge server will fetch the content from a nearby NetStorage server. Since content is replicated and stored in multiple NetStorage locations across the globe, Akamai’s intelligent DNS system will direct the request to the best location to fetch the content which results in good user experiences for users all over the world.