Akamai OPEN Edgegrid for PHP Signing Library Now in GA

May 22, 2017 · by Davey Shafik

Just four months after it first hit Beta status, we are moving the Akamai OPEN Edgegrid PHP signing library to GA status.

As the underpinnings of all our PHP efforts, this library is intentionally small in scope, and was split out from the client library to allow for much broader compatibility and minimal dependencies.

With zero reported issues since our beta release, and only a minor update to test files, we are confident that the stability and quality of this package will meet the standards of even our most demanding customers.

To use the library, you must set the HTTP method, request path, and the request body, which are then used with your credentials to generate a valid Authentication header.

$auth = \Akamai\Open\EdgeGrid\Authentication::createInstance('default', '/.edgerc');

$auth_header = $auth->createAuthHeader();

Full installation and usage instructions can be found in the README.

As we move forward with our larger strategy around our Akamai OPEN Edgegrid libraries, SDKs, and tooling, the Akamai OPEN Edgegrid for PHP Client Library will also be GA soon.