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Video: How to Manage the Performance and Impact of Third-Party Scripts

October 10, 2018 · by Medhat Yakan ·

Script Management is a powerful feature of Akamai’s Adaptive Acceleration that helps you easily manage the impact of scripts and get protection from unresponsive third parties on your site.

In this step-by-step video, we’ll take you through exactly how you can use Script Management, starting with a performance problem on a site and going through the ways that you can identify and mitigate the problem with Script Management. In the process, we’ll also show you how to leverage two crucial capabilities:

  • Single Point of Failure: When you turn on the Single Point of Failure capability, Script Management automatically defers any scripts that exceed your performance threshold so that you can avoid failures.

  • Script Management Policy Tester: This is a Chrome extension that enables you to experiment with actions like deferring and blocking scripts on your site, to see the effect locally in your browser

Watch the demo video above and prepare to take control of the third-party scripts on your site.

Medhat Yakan is a product architect at Akamai Technologies.