The Developer Champion Program

The Akamai Developer Champions Program

As developers, you're fundamental to ensuring that your company gets what they need from the tools available. Our goal in creating this program is to help you find the right resources, techniques, and people to answer your questions. We're lucky to have so many Akamai experts who have taken it upon themselves to go the extra mile to help the developer community. Now, we'd like to connect you with them directly.

Developer Champions are Akamai experts who have made it their mission to assist developers and surface their concerns and needs. The program focuses on advancing Akamai developers in areas such as customer adoption, enablement, coding and testing of tools, assisting peers and creating code examples and tutorials.

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Who are Akamai's Developer Champions?

Developer Champions are Akamai experts who have made it their mission to find and surface challenges and help developers find solutions. Our champions have a wide range of expertise including application security, edge computing, and DevOps. 



What makes a great Developer Champion?

Champions are selected by the Developer Advocacy team, based on their dedication to supporting developers. Here’s what we look for:

  • Akamai product expertise

  • Providing excellent assistance to the developer community

  • GitHub contributions

  • Creating content that helps developers get started, simplify their work, or find solutions or workarounds

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History of the program

But let’s go back to the beginning of the program. How did it all get started? The Developer Champion program was founded in 2020 by the Developer Advocacy team. Combining the shared knowledge of anyone within Akamai on Akamai Developer’s toolbox, implementations to create better tools, documentation and content, the Developer Champion program was conceived. 

In true OneAkamai spirit, the program combines experts across a multitude of disciplines such as Customer Service, Engineering, Product, Developer Experience, and more. The program is run by the Developer Advocacy team and helps to connect teams together.

Connect with a Developer Champion

Connect with Developer Champions on Twitter.


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