Akamai for DevOps


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Akamai CLI

Automate the creation, configuration, and activation of property configurations. Purge your content from the edge in five seconds or less and create your own custom commands. Includes a package manager to make it easy to install new or updated tools.

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Property Manager API

The Property Manager API (PAPI) enables you to manage your Akamai configurations as code. Use a wide range of endpoints to perform frequently repeated activities such as retrieving your configuration in a local environment, activating, fast fallback, and listing configuration-specific information and customer behaviors.

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Global Traffic Manager API

Dynamic DNS systems typically return answers that are computed on the fly, and these answers can vary from query to query. Akamai’s Global Traffic Manager (GTM) API helps manage traffic to your data centers by choosing the best answers, from moment to moment, to return to client nameservers in response to their queries about GTM domains.

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Fast Purge

Use the Fast Purge API and its range of capabilities to be more nimble, flexible, and fast in updating stale content on your website after every release cycle.

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Edge Redirector Cloudlet

The Edge Redirector Cloudlet is designed to help you easily manage large volumes of URL redirects and offload them to the edge for additional performance and reduced stress on your cloud computing infrastructure. Edge Redirector comes equipped with the Cloudlets Policy Manager, an intuitive, rules-based user interface to help you set up and manage your URL redirects and can also be configured via an included API. Flexible match criteria and the ability to set start and end dates for redirects provide increased control over your content. Even easier, the Edge Redirector Cloudlet allows you to extend URL management capability to your marketing team without giving them full Akamai portal access, saving you and your team lots of time and headaches responding to ticket requests.

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Visitor Prioritization Cloudlet

Ensure your application delivery servers don’t become overloaded by providing granular control of Internet traffic accessing your resources. Give prioritized users unimpeded access during traffic surges, while providing a branded, user-friendly waiting room experience to regular users. Unlike provisioning additional hardware, the Visitor Prioritization Cloudlet makes more efficient use of your existing resources and helps you to provide a positive user experience even when the volume of traffic is unpredictable.

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Phased Release Cloudlet

The Phased Release Cloudlet helps DevOps teams use the Akamai Intelligent Platform to control traffic to canary deployments by providing you a tool to gradually shift a percentage of users to a new software release while retaining the flexibility to failover immediately should you encounter challenges in production. The Phased Release Cloudlet can provide faster time to market and reduce risk with speed, flexibility, and control during frequent software releases.

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Application Load Balancer Cloudlet

Application Load Balancer (ALB) empowers you to balance traffic across any combination of data sources—both cloud-based and on-premise. Since it leverages the Akamai cloud delivery platform, you get the availability, scalability, and performance needed to ensure superior user experiences. ALB is cloud-based and leverages both application layer (Layer 7) and DNS layer (Layer 3) logic, which gives you granular control to balance traffic based on HTTP attributes (cookie value, URL path, query string) using weighted and performance-based methods.

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Client and Signing Libraries

Akamai provides Akamai OPEN EdgeGrid API request signing libraries and clients for nine languages: Java, C#, PHP, Python, Perl, Golang, Ruby, Javascript/Node.js, and PowerShell.

Each of these libraries is the cornerstone of any OPEN API interactions, whether in our projects (like Akamai CLI or Akamai for WordPress) or in your own.

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Easily add new capabilities and harness the edge inside any application with our Mobile Application Performance, Media Acceleration, Adaptive Media Player, and Bot Manager Premier SDKs.

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