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Get Started with Akamai with our step-by-step guides, specifically made by developers for developers.

We've made these guides to ensure that you have all that you need to get started with our services after you've signed the contract.


Get Started with Akamai CLI

Akamai CLI is an ever-growing CLI toolkit for working with Akamai’s API from the command line. Akamai CLI provides a consistent experience across Akamai's product lineup, with comprehensive built-in documentation. Its simple package-management features make it easy to install new capabilities to meet your needs. Build your own Akamai CLI packages using any of our nine supported languages, including Golang, Python, JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby.
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Get Started with Akamai's MAP SDK

The Akamai Mobile App Performance software development kit (MAP SDK), for both iOS and Android native apps, helps developers build the best possible mobile experience, even when connection speeds are slow or unavailable. This SDK effectively extends the Akamai edge all the way to your mobile device allowing you to customize and deliver instant app experiences based on network-awareness, and last-mile optimization technologies. 
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Get Started with Akamai APIs

This introduction walks you through the workflow to make your first Akamai API call. When evaluating or using any API, the first step is to get an API client up and running. This guide features a tutorial and links to open source reference implementations and signing libraries to help you make your first Akamai API call as quickly as possible.
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