Download Delivery

Deliver heavy content fast and increase end user download completion rates.

Download Delivery is a reliable, high-performance, file-based content delivery solution optimized to deliver large (>100MB) file-based content. It is built on the globally distributed Akamai Intelligent Platform for superior capacity, scalability, availability, and performance. Providing clear, comprehensive metrics and optional tools that can monitor and manage the entire download process across your end users.  

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Key Features

  1. Content Caching: Automatically refreshes and retrieves cached content from edge servers to reduce requests to the origin.
  2. Advanced Offload: Enables granular caching of dynamic and personalized content based on user segmentation. By conditionally caching these objects, Advanced Offload can improve performance and significantly decrease infrastructure spend.
  3. SureRoute: Identifies the fastest, most reliable path to your origin to retrieve and deliver content.
  4. Last Mile Acceleration: Accelerates data through the last mile by compressing the content into a gzip format, or serving already compressed content to users.
  5. Brotli Support: Passes on and caches already Brotli-compressed content from the origins.


  • Improve software download completion rates with faster performance.
  • Scale globally on demand without costly build-out.
  • Protect your content through token authentication.
  • Manage and control your downloads with rate limiting, cache optimization, and standard report metrics.
  • Give consumers a superior software download experience using Download Manager’s fully customizable UI, multi-file software download support, automatic launch actions, and automatic error checking and correction.
  • Integrate Download Delivery management into your own systems with Akamai APIs.