Edge Compute

Build and deploy applications with unparalleled scale, reliability, and security


Our Distributed Edge Platform Now Accepts Your Code

85% of the world's internet users are within a single network hop of an Akamai CDN server.

With each one of our edge servers supporting the V8 runtime engine, compute is now even closer to your end users and their devices. This means you can now deploy your JavaScript services to the edge to make them faster, more reliable, and more secure than ever before - without ever having to worry about infrastructure or scale.

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Compute With Serverless Functions Closer to the Consumer

The quality of everything you build is affected by response time. 

With Akamai’s edge compute stack, you can run serverless functions directly on the edge, allowing you to shift compute closer to the consumer than ever before.

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Spinning Globe

Build and Run applications and Services Elastically

We allow you to scale elastically. That means you only consume the resources you need – and save on costs.

Create and deploy microservices across more than a quarter of a million edge servers deployed around the globe. When your development teams activate code at the edge, they push data, insights, and logic closer to their end users. 

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Key Benefits

Leveraging serverless computing to deliver content provides a world of benefits. 

Faster Applications and Services

With compute closer to your data, you can avoid unnecessary network hops.

Faster Time-to-production

Integrate edge computing into your existing workflows to enable multiple teams to work in parallel.

Shorten Ramp-up Time

Leverage the tools and skills your team already has and avoid setting up proprietary products.

Just Code

Avoid the hassle of managing cloud resources and building for scale.

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