Edge DNS

Cloud-based DNS for improved performance, availability, and resiliency against DDoS attacks.

Akamai's Edge DNS is a cloud-based solution that delivers 24/7 DNS availability, improves DNS responsiveness, and ensures DNS security by fending off the largest DDoS attacks. Built on a globally distributed network, Edge DNS can be implemented as a primary or secondary DNS service.

Edge DNS promotes DNS security by providing a highly scalable platform that has enough capacity to absorb the largest DDoS attacks while also responding to legitimate user requests, enabling you to maintain availability and performance even while under attack. An optional add-on, Akamai DNSSEC, provides additional DNS security by helping to prevent DNS forgery and manipulation.


    Key Features

    1. IP Anycast: Provide a decentralized DNS service to users that enables the creation of a logical name server comprising multiple physical servers deployed across multiple networks and continents.
    2. Secure Implementation: Akamai's DNS implementation protects you from vulnerabilities that are often exposed on BIND software. 
    3. 100% Uptime SLA: Akamai's SLA guarantees DNS service availability. 
    4. Zone Apex Mapping: Reduce the overhead associated with CNAME chain lookups by leveraging mapping data. 
    5. IP Throttling: Suppress traffic from any IP address exhibiting suspicious behavior. 
    6. DNSSEC with Edge DNS Secure Option: Guard against DNS data forgery or manipulation with Akamai’s Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) option for Edge DNS.
    7. Trust-Based Security: Protect against DDoS attacks from spoofed IP addresses. 
    8. Flexible Usage and Administration: Implement Edge DNS as either primary or secondary DNS.
    9. Powerful Management and DevOps Integration: Manage your DNS configs from Control Center, the Akamai CLI, or using Akamai APIs. 


    Get Faster Responses

    Using a globally distributed Anycast network, Edge DNS accelerates DNS resolutions for users connecting to websites and applications from anywhere in the world. You can direct users to a high performing DNS server based on network conditions to improve responsiveness. Zone apex mapping reduces DNS lookup times even further for websites on the Akamai Intelligent Platform.


    Achieve DDoS protection by absorbing attacks while also maintaining legitimate user access.

    • Prevent DNS forgery and manipulation.
    • Achieve faster and more reliable DNS resolution by using thousands of servers worldwide instead of relying on two or three servers.
    • Guarantee 24/7 availability using Akamai's scalable, globally distributed platform.
    • Simplify DNS infrastructure management with Akamai's Luna Control Center and open APIs.
    • Control costs with pricing based on the number of zones rather than on the number of requests.