Bring data closer to your end user with our low-latency, distributed key-value store
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Bring your data to the Edge

Welcome to EdgeKV

Bring data where your users are. EdgeKV is a key-value store database at the edge. It enables you to build data-driven EdgeWorker applications that require fast, frequent reads and infrequent writes.

Key-Value Database

Store, modify, and query data as key/value pairs in string or JSON format.

JavaScript Helper Library

Abstracts CRUD operations to make it easy to read/write/update data from within EdgeWorkers code.

Eventually Consistent Writes

Complete global data writes within ten seconds.

Replicated Storage

Ensures high availability of data entrusted to Akamai.

Administrative API

Integrate EdgeKV into build or automation pipelines to streamline deployments.

Tokenized Access

Enforces role-based access controls to EdgeKV databases.

Command-Line Interface (CLI)

Control EdgeKV database functions from a scriptable CLI to streamline day-to-day database maintenance activities.

The Value of Data at The Edge

Read at Cache Speeds

High Availability

Process Data Locally

Simplify Operations

There could be a wide variety of use cases for EdgeKV and we certainly don’t think we can capture all of them here. Click the link below to see some of our use cases in action.

Use Case Demos

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