Akamai EdgeWorkers

Get serverless computing at the Edge.

Akamai EdgeWorkers, now in tech preview phase, helps deliver superior web experiences by enabling developers to run JavaScript at the Edge to customize web traffic, rather than using origin servers for these tasks (thus the term "serverless").

With EdgeWorkers, you can quickly create functions and deploy them across the entire, globally distributed, Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform, ensuring robust scalability and performance while also accelerating development and deployment times.

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The advantages of going serverless

By co-locating computing tasks and content delivery at the Edge (i.e., closer to the end user), you can deliver faster and richer web experiences. You can also release to production faster because these serverless functions integrate seamlessly into existing DevOps workflows.

  • Faster application experiences: With your computing occurring closer to your data, you avoid unnecessary network hops.

  • Greater team capabilities: When you integrate serverless functions into your existing workflows, you can manage code and deploy new functions across multiple development teams in parallel.

  • Reduced ramp-up time: Because EdgeWorkers leverages JavaScript—a language that almost every developer knows—you can often avoid the ramp-up normally required with proprietary tools and languages.

  • Fewer hassles: Going serverless and instead using Akamai’s global platform allows you to avoid a number of hassles (creating virtual machines, updating operating systems, managing server quantities, etc.) so that you can focus on coding.

Key use cases for EdgeWorkers

Traditionally, the logic to solve key use cases either sat at the origin or was pushed down to devices; each of these options presented significant problems in the end-user experience. Now, EdgeWorkers enables you to move your computing to Akamai's intelligent edge platform, closer to your users, to solve meaningful challenges. The following use cases are a great starting point to help you understand the benefits of EdgeWorkers:

  • A/B 
testing: Easily control experiments and rollouts of new content

Redirect users: Manage URL redirects by your choice of criteria/parameters, including location, device, and user-agent logic

Improve offload: Improve offload by removing query parameters from cache keys, and also by managing TTL elements including downstream values

  • Filter traffic: Programmatically determine the experience for users and bots, including blocking, redirects and constructed responses based on conditional logic

  • Customize responses: Customize error responses to improve web experiences, even when the origin is down

Key features

  • Web data access: Build custom logic with the ability to read and modify cookies, headers, and URIs

  • Constructed responses: Provide fast responses at the Edge by pre-constructing body responses

  • Personalization data: Personalize your logic via access to data such as content targeting and device characteristics

  • Support for V8 isolates: Leveraging V8 (Google’s open source JavaScript engine) isolates enables you to safely deploy JavaScript to every Akamai edge server

  • Support for HTTP events: Execute functions based on HTTP events including client request, client response, origin request, and origin response

  • Property Manager integration: Leverage your existing Akamai workflows via access to Property Manager user variables

Get started

To get started, just add EdgeWorkers to your site (see the workflow in Figure A) and follow the simple steps listed below, then apply any match conditions to limit which pages/resources the function should apply to.

Diagram: EdgeWorkers 'Getting Started' workflow
Figure A: The EdgeWorkers workflow
  1. Navigate to your property in Control Center
  2. Click 'edit' and add a blank rule
  3. Choose matching criteria to scope where to apply functions
  4. Add EdgeWorkers from available behaviors
  5. Save and activate

Once you’ve added EdgeWorkers to your site, you can then easily publish code and make updates to your functions across the entire Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform.

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