API Authentication

Authenticate With EdgeGrid

Akamai offers a rich library of approximately 100 different APIs that allow you to manage your Akamai solutions. Whether it’s making configuration changes or retrieving the latest security events, the ability to execute these requests is easier to start with than you might think. 

EdgeGrid is Akamai's API authentication method. In order to make requests with Akamai APIs, you’ll need to properly authenticate your requests, whether they are made directly to an API endpoint or through any of the tools that wrap the API requests.

Get Started

  1. Create your API client.

    • Go to Control Center

    • Make sure you have the correct permissions, and if not, contact your Akamai account team

    • Navigate to Identity & Access > New API Client for Me 

    • Select which roles, which contracts, and which groups you are adding for this API client

  2. Decide which tool you’ll use to make requests.

  3. Select your permissions, either read-only or read-write, and click Submit.

  4. Copy your base URL.

  5. Click on the New Credential button and copy or download your Access Token, Client Token, and Client Secret.

    • These tokens need to be stored securely and we recommend you store these in a password manager

  6. Enter these keys in your tool of choice or inject the keys in any programming language of your choosing. 

  7. Send your request!


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