Global Traffic Management

Offer high performance, scalable, fault-tolerant load balancing to seamlessly handle peak demands.

Global Traffic Management helps internet users access your website or IP applications with greater reliability. It applies an internet-centric approach to global load balancing to increase site availability and responsiveness to online user requests. Unlike traditional hardware-based solutions that reside within data centers, the fault-tolerant Global Traffic Management service makes intelligent routing decisions. These are based on real-time data center performance health, and global internet conditions. They transport user requests to the appropriate data center based on the best internet route for that user at that moment.



Key Features in Standard and Premier Editions

  1. Failover: Directs requests to an alternate location when there is a failure at the primary site (failover solutions can even be used across disparate network carriers)
  2. IP Intelligence: Directs requests to a data center based on geographic or IP rules
  3. Weighted: Directs requests to data centers based on preset percentage splits.
  1. Includes all Standard Edition features
  2. Policy rules: Let you trade off between availability and performance
  3. Load feedback: Modifies load policies based on real-time user data and performance quality


  • Decouple traffic management from the data center with cloud services
  • Improve load balancing failover to increase availability and improve user experience
  • Reach a global audience and maintain web performance without building out custom infrastructure
  • Modify traffic allocation and new website or application set-up to achieve greater network visibility and control
  • Balance traffic across both on-premise and cloud-based data centers to ensure high performance and availability
  • Enable multi-cloud provider and data center transitions