Identity Cloud

Personalize and protect your customers’ experience

Identity Cloud is a highly scalable SaaS-based customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution that enables you to provide your customers exceptional user experiences during the creation, use and management of personal accounts across apps and connected devices, while unifying and protecting identity data in compliance with regulatory requirements around the world.

Why use Identity Cloud?

Akamai Identity Cloud is the leading CIAM solution for enterprise businesses with enterprise needs.

Unmatched scale and performance

Unmatched scale and performance

As a cloud-native, pure software as a service (SaaS) solution, Identity Cloud is designed to intelligently scale to ensure that your customer registration, authentication, and SSO functions are always available and fast.

Leading flexibility and extensibility

Leading flexibility and extensibility

Akamai Identity Cloud was built with an API-first architecture, designed to allow maximum flexibility for you when designing your registration, login and user profile / consent management systems - and your integrations into various IDPs and business applications.

Proven platform security and resilience

Proven platform security and resilience

Akamai Identity Cloud provides the most robust protection for your customers’ data and your registration and login infrastructure, including protection from volumetric and application layer attacks, strong and varied authentication options, and cutting edge cryptographic data protection.

Key Capabilities

Akamai Identity Cloud has a range of powerful capabilities, including:

Enable Single sign-on (SSO) and Social Media Login

Authenticate via Facebook, Google, Twitter, or other social media and allow access to multiple sites and systems with one single login.

Comply with data protection and privacy regulations

Protect customer security with built-in data protection and data access controls.

Improve customer relationships with segmented insights

Get real-time visibility into customer identities and behaviors via dashboards, which you can leverage to improve customer experience.

Support omnichannel user experiences

Enable customers across web, mobile, IoT and other channels and reliably scale to hundreds of millions of users with no performance degradation.

Flexibly deploy and integrate

Interact via API and customize the UI to meet customer needs and allow integration with marketing automation, analytics, and monitoring systems.

Consent and preference management

Empower customers to manage their consents and preferences.

Use Cases

We've highlighted key use cases so you can see how Akamai Identity Cloud can benefit you and your team.

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