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Ion, Akamai’s flagship performance solution, is a suite of intelligent performance optimizations that helps deliver superior website and mobile app experiences. Built on the globally distributed and near-infinitely scalable Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform™, Ion continuously monitors real user behavior, applying best practice performance optimizations automatically and adapting in real time to changes in content, user behavior, and connectivity.


Key Ion Features for Developers and Admins


Adaptive Acceleration

Adaptive Acceleration, included with Ion, is a feature set that continuously applies performance optimizations to your website using Akamai's machine learning to determine optimizations. With Adaptive Acceleration, you gain the ability to prioritize what content is visible, reduce the size of critical cached resources, manage third-party content, and discover, identify, and defer unresponsive scripts on your page.  And it’s all done with minimal development effort and maintenance.


Mobile Application Performance SDK

Ion’s Mobile Application Performance (MAP) SDK automates the optimization of your user’s mobile experiences across all network conditions and device types using proprietary network-awareness and last-mile optimization technologies. Simple to deploy, MAP SDK quickly fits into your application workflow to give you capabilities such as tailoring the user experience to their environment, pre-positioning popular content, absorbing peak traffic, and offloading requests to your API origin. MAP SDK is available for both iOS and Android platforms.



Akamai Ion comes DevOps-ready, so you can seamlessly configure and automate your DevOps workflows with Ion and the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform™. With the powerful combination of Ion and Akamai for DevOps, you can realize greater developer productivity along with greater performance for your websites and mobile apps.



Akamai mPulse, which can be activated with Ion, is an intelligent real-user monitoring (RUM) tool that helps you monitor and optimize your website. mPulse captures demographic information like user location and device type, performance metrics such as connection type and time to interactive, and engagement metrics like bounce and conversion rates to give developers and admins a comprehensive view.

These insights, in turn, help identify the root cause of latencies and their impact down to the object-level of detail, allowing you to efficiently find and fix performance bottlenecks. mPulse Lite is included with Ion and can be upgraded to the full version of mPulse for more customized and robust data analysis.


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